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Noise from another home

Sometimes, noise problems can be resolved informally between neighbours, simply by politely explaining the problem and trying to come to a compromise. However, this informal approach may not always be successful, and some people may not be prepared to speak directly to the person(s) making the noise. 

If you're thinking about doing something noisy, think about your neighbours e.g. having a party or doing some DIY work. Speak to them beforehand and agree reasonable hours - be sympathetic and co-operative if asked by a neighbour to reduce noise.


Loud music and home entertainment

Loud music and home entertainment such as Sound System and TV can disturb your neighbours and surrounding people.

  • To reduce noise you can:
  • Keep the volume down on amplified sound systems especially the bass which can be more annoying than higher frequencies
  • Make sure speakers are away from party walls and floors, raise them up if you can
  • Keep the volume reasonable taking into account the time of day or if in doubt, use headphones
  • Use cushion speaker stands or speaker isolators
  • Balance the speakers of a home cinema system to fill the room evenly - sub woofer speakers can be especially disturbing
  • Keep the game soundtracks at lower volume
  • Check if children's toys are not too noisy. You may need to give them a quieter alternative
  • Inform your neighbours that you will be making a noise and agree what days and times will cause them least disturbance, especially if you plan to make noise regularly, for example, by playing musical instrument.

Playing loud music at night (11pm - 7am) could result in confiscation of your equipment or instruments, and fine might be issued.

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DIY and building work

Home maintenance is essential and home improvement works are rapidly growing. A lot of DIY or building work can be very noisy and disturb your neighbours.

Be considerate when you:

  • Drill or hammer - especially party walls
  • Decorate (scraping and sanding)
  • Use noisy machinery
  • Sand the floor
  • Repair the car

Try to agree a time for work when it will least disturb them and avoid drilling and banging late at night and early in the morning.

If you are being disturbed by your neighbours, first approach them politely - they may well not realise they are causing a problem. Let them know when noisy work will disturb you least.

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Household chores

Some chores can be very noisy and disturb your neighbours.

Consider doing the chores during the day:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Vacuuming
  • Washing, especially when spinning clothes
  • Tumble drying

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People Noise

Just living in your home can create noise that can disturb your neighbours especially if you live in a flat.

The recent popularity of hard and laminated flooring has been the cause of an increasing number of complaints about noise. If you are considering hard flooring, you should carefully consider the potential impact on your neighbours - particularly if you live in a terraced house or flat.

Contact City and neighbourhood for further information.

Report a noise nuisance


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