Electoral Services are responsible for the organisation and administration of all elections and referenda that take place in Sunderland and for compiling and maintaining the Electoral Register.

The next Local government elections will be held on Thursday 2 May 2019. Further information will become available on the Current elections page.

Annual Canvass

Every year the council carries out its annual canvass to ensure that the electoral register contains the names of everyone who is eligible to vote in elections.

During the Summer, Electoral Services sent a letter to every property in the Sunderland City Council area. This letter contained a Household Enquiry Form that lists the names of the people registered to vote at the property. Each household needed to respond to let us know if there have been any changes or not to that list of people.

Those properties that did not respond were sent a reminder and we are currently conducting house to house enquiries to those that did not respond to the reminder either.

If you have not responded yet, you should do so straight away, even if there are no changes. You can respond by phone if there are no changes, or otherwise either online or by posting the form back to us.

It is an offence to not respond to this request or to supply false information.