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Fly tipping

We are responsible for removing and investigating incidents of fly tipping. This applies to footpaths, highways, pedestrian areas and other areas of council-owned land. We are not responsible for removing illegally dumped waste on private land, that is the responsibility of the landowner ortenant.

What is the difference between fly tipping and littering?

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of household, garden, industrial or commercial waste. This can range from a single black bagful to large itemssuch as mattresses or fridges, builders' rubble and tyres. It is an arrestable offence and carries a maximum fine of £50,000 and up to five years' imprisonment.

Littering is classed as the dropping or dumping of rubbish in amounts less than a black bag's worth, for example food packaging or cigarette butts.

If you wish to report small amounts of litter or view our regular cleansing schedule, please go to our Litter, debris & leaves page. For overflowing bins go to our Litter and dog bins page and for abandoned trolleys, please go to our Public Space Protection Order Trolley Restriction page.

Reporting fly tipping

✅ Before you start you will need:

✅ Accurate location details of the fly tip

✅ What type of land it is on

✅ Type of waste fly tipped

✅ The size of the fly tip

✅ Photos of fly tip issue x3 max (optional)

✅ Council Customer Account to track your request (optional)

Please click on the report button below and our Local Services or Enforcement Team will consider your request andupdate it with the relevant action to be taken.

Report fly tipping

If you witness a fly-tip, we will need as much information as possible to help with the investigation. This can includethe date, time, vehicle details, company details and a description of the fly-tipper. We will ask you for your details incase we need further information. This is optional and you can remain anonymous.

We will...

  • Respond on time to all fly tipping cases reported via our online reporting tool
  • Use our dedicated Enforcement Team to carry out investigations where necessary
  • Take action which could include prosecution against anyone who illegally dumps waste

Ways of disposing waste for households

✔ Dispose of items at your local Household Waste Recycling Centres

✔ Sell or donate your unwanted items to a charity, look at Revive Sunderland Charity Re-use Shop

✔ Secure any waste until it is collected

✔ Check if a private waste carrier has a Waste Carrier Certificate and where they intend to take the waste. You can check approved carriers on the Environment Agency Public Register. Illegal or unregistered waste carriers can be reported to the Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555 111 or use the Crimestoppers: online contact form

✔ Use our bulky waste collection service for large items

Ways of disposing waste for businesses

✔ Use our Trade Waste collection service

✔ Dispose of commercial or trade waste yourself, but you must register as a waste carrier. Unregistered waste carriers can be fined up to £5,000 for not possessing a licence





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