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Litter, debris and leaves

We are responsible for emptying litter bins, cleaning roads and footpaths in the city. We do this through our grounds maintenance and cleansing schedule. You can view these schedules below for your area.

We only respond to requests outside of our maintenance schedule if:

  • Litter, debris or leaves are a nuisance
  • They cause an obstruction on specific, designated council land
  • If we have missed the scheduled maintenance

Reporting litter

Help tackle litter and keep your local area and the city of Sunderland clean. Littering is a criminal offence and you will incur a fixed penalty notice of £150 if you are caught.

To report any of the items below, please contact our Customer Services team on (0191) 5205550. This will allow us to respond as soon as possible.   

  • Broken glass
  • Drug related litter
  • Road traffic accident

If you see large amounts of litter, you may need to report this using our Fly Tipping web page

For all other litter, debris and leaves reports, please click on the report button below. Our Local Services Team will consider your request and update it with the relevant action needed.

Report litter, debris and leaves

Public litter bins

If you see a public litter bin damaged or overflowing, you can report this on our Litter bins web page.

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