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Digital Inclusion Plan

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Digital Inclusion Plan

We are using digital innovation and smart city technology to make our city and our public services smarter and more sustainable. You can find out more at Sunderland Smart City and subscribe to our newsletter.

Digital inclusion is not about digital, it is about inclusion. Internet access should be considered as an essential household utility. Equal to having heating and running water in your home. People use the internet every day to improve their lives, from accessing information about their health, to studying for an exam or applying for a job. There are many more reasons to go online

Recent research indicates that 1 in 3 people in Sunderland are either experiencing or have experienced some form of digital exclusion. Some of the challenges they could face relate to: 

- having limited broadband connectivity or access to devices, cost being a factor

- lack of digital skills to go online

- not understanding the benefits or having the motivation to use the internet

- distrust, or feeling forced to use the internet instead of being able to 'talk' to someone

- badly designed websites or digital services which could put people off using online services

- not knowing what is available in your neighbourhood to support you to safely go online

The aim of the inclusion plan is to ensure 'no one and nowhere is left behind'. The Plan is structured around six shared priorities, which cut across three pillars, covering the City, our workforce and the residents who we serve, along with a list of key actions supported by an indicative timeline. 

We have pulled together information to help our residents and organisations understand what free resources are available to use, to help us all ensure no one and where is left behind. Useful links to: 

Accessibility tools, standards and statements

How to Go Online Safely

Improving digital skills and knowledge

Examples of Online Services

Accessing digital data

Connecting to the internet

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