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Digital Inclusion Network

Annual Report 2023/2024
Annual report for digital inclusion 2023 to 2024


Digital Inclusion Newsletters

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Digital Inclusion Network

If you are interested in learning about improving digital inclusion in the City join the Sunderland Digital Inclusion Network.  Membership is free.  To join, contact and submit your email address.   You'll then be added to the bulletin list and receive regular newsletters and information about all the great work happening within Sunderland and the surrounding area.

Digital Inclusion Plan

The aim of the inclusion plan is to ensure 'no one and nowhere is left behind'. The Plan is structured around six shared priorities, which cut across three pillars, covering the City, our Workforce and the Residents who we serve, along with a list of key actions supported by an indicative timeline. 

Digital Inclusion Workshops

The workshop adopts a 'train the trainer' approach to enable attendees to cascade the learning back to others within your organisation, and set up projects to help bridge the digital divide or expand existing interventions. Sessions are limited to ten people per Workshop.   Funding has been secured to cover the costs of your attendance.  It's free for your organisation to nominate representatives to attend. Participants only need basic level IT skills to take part. Attendees will find out more about the digital exclusion landscape in Sunderland, and why it's a city priority, and learn about accessing a variety of tools, and resources to set up a new digital inclusion activity or expand current digital interventions. 

Enrol by completing the registration form or telephone 07901 317 530.  

Sunderland Smart City 

We are using digital innovation and smart city technology to make our city and our public services smarter and more sustainable. You can find out more at Sunderland Smart City and subscribe to our newsletter.


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