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Senior employee information

Sunderland City Council publishes remuneration details for all appropriate senior employees relating to the financial year

Senior Salaries - Senior Employees

ColumnField NameExplanation
APost holder informationJob title of the employee and name of employee where salary exceeds £150,000
BSalary amountTotal pay in salary, fees or allowances during the financial year
CBonusesBonuses paid to employees during the financial year
DExpense allowancesTotal value of expenses subject to income tax paid to employees during the financial year
ECompensation for loss in officePayments made to or receivable by employees in connection with the termination of their employment with the council
FBenefits in kindTotal value of benefits in kind received by employees
GTotal remuneration excluding pension contributionsSubtotal
HEmployers pension contributionsHow much the employer has contributed towards the individual's pension during the financial year
ITotal remuneration including pension contributionsTotal remuneration during the financial year
JResponsibilitiesLists briefly the responsibilities of senior employees, including the services and functions for which they have responsibility

Senior salary count

Sunderland City Council publishes the number of other employees, not disclosed as senior employees, whose remuneration, excluding employer's contributions, was £50,000 or more in bands of £5,000.

ColumnField nameExplanation
ARemuneration bandSalary bands start at £50,000 in brackets of £5,000
BEmployee count: non-teaching staffNumber of employees whose remuneration falls within the salary band
CEmployee count: teaching staffNumber of employees whose remuneration falls within the salary band

Organisation Chart

The council's organisation chart covers the top three management tiers of the organisation, which are the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Directors, and the Corporate Directors.

The chart provides information for these senior managers on their grade, job title, department, service area, type of contract (permanent or temporary), whether the post is shared, contact details, salary band in £5,000 brackets, and the maximum salary for the grade.

Pay Multiple

The council's pay multiple data shows the ratio between the highest paid taxable earnings for the given year, and the median earnings figure for the whole of the Council's workforce.

The Median is the half-way point for half of the total number of employees between the lowest and highest remuneration value.


The report may raise questions, if you wish to know more about any of the transactions, please email: HR& We aim to respond within fifteen working days.

Format of the data

We publish the data in two formats:

  • The PDF makes it easier for you to read or print the data
  • The CSV format allows you to analyse and sort the data in the spread sheet software package of your choice

License for the re-use of Public Sector Information

The data is freely reusable and Sunderland City Council grants you a non-exclusive licence to use, copy and adapt the licensed content under the Terms of the Open Government Licence (opens new window) for Public Sector Information

Unless permission has been granted no content may be copied, reproduced modified or used for any commercial purpose. Permissions for commercial use may be requested by contacting: Information Governance Team, Sunderland City Council, Burdon Road, Sunderland, SR2 7DN or by emailing A charge may be payable.

The following statement must be placed next to the licensed content when reproducing information under the Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information:

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