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Reablement at home

The Reablement at Home Service is designed to help people achieve independence in the kinds of activities that are important to their daily living. Support is a short-term and is focused on building confidence and regaining lost skills.

The Reablement at Home Service is of value to people leaving hospital, for whom an episode of illness, or an injury for example following a fall, has changed their ability to manage daily living tasks independently, but is also offered to people living in the community where this would be helpful.

Reablement at Home is offered free of charge for up to six weeks agreed with you and the Reablement Service.

It is hoped you will need less support, or no support, to live an independent life after receiving reablement services. But we know some people will need support long term and if this is the case, we will complete an assessment for care and support to establish what this support should be.

Following this assessment, we will agree a care and support package with you that meets your identified needs. A package of long term support may have a cost associated with it and this will depend upon how much support you need. You will receive a financial assessments to work out how much you may need to pay towards these services.

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