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Penalty charge notices

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Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer or by an approved device in the form of a CCTV vehicle for a number of reasons.

Parking Enforcement - CCTV

Sunderland City Council uses a CCTV road safety and enforcement vehicle to carry out parking enforcement to enforce those restrictions where the stopping of a vehicle is not permissed and where abuse creates a significant safety concern. For example:

  • School keep clear zigzag markings (code 48)
  • Bus stop clearways/stands (code 47)

If a penalty charge notice is issued, the owner or keeper of the vehicle has the right to appeal. The document issued as a result of the contravention being recorded by CCTV vehicle is a Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notice (that also acts as a Notice to Owner) and will include full details of the appeals process.

How to view evidence:

If you wish to view evidence of the parking offence you can view this online through our PCN payments

To view the evidence you will need:

  • PCN number - this starts with an SX and is located on your Penalty Charge Notice
  • Your vehicle registration details

How to pay

Please make cheques payable to Sunderland City Council. You must allow two working days for 1st class post and five working days for 2nd class post.

Please do not send cash through the post.

How to Appeal

There are a few different ways to appeal a Penalty Charge Notice:

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