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Housing Development in Sunderland

Sunderland is a great place to develop houses. As one of only three English cities on the coast and with 57% green space, Sunderland has a lot to benefit its residents.

We also recognise that this needs to be underpinned by a strong housing offer and this can only be achieved by forging strong working relationships with large and small developers, Registered Providers and housing partners.

We pride ourselves on being open for business and open for development and our past and present partnerships are testament to this. We urge all of our housing partners to talk to us and work with us so we can bring about new homes that will create a permanent, positive impact on the city.

Housing Investment Prospectus

There are many opportunities for housing development in Sunderland from larger executive housing to specialist housing to meet community need. All of these opportunities are outlined in Sunderland's brand new Housing Investment Prospectus which was recently launched at the Stadium of Light to an audience of developers and housing partners.

Sunderland's Housing Market

The housing market in Sunderland is buoyant and builders are actively developing new homes in large numbers across the city.  New build completions in Sunderland have increased dramatically over the last three years and the city is working hard to build on this success.

The documents below show how many new build properties have been completed, when they were completed, bedroom sizes and in which area of the city they have been built.

Bedroom sizes per year up to 2016/2017 (PDF) [157KB]

New builds by area 2008-2017 (PDF) [78KB]

Ward boundaries and regeneration area (PDF) [5MB]

Small and Medium Sized House Builders

Sunderland City Council held an event in September 2017 to bring together Small and Medium Sized House Builders across the city. The event was a networking opportunity to allow builders to meet and talk to key officers, partners and politicians. It was an opportunity to meet and listen to everyone's views on how we can work together to develop more housing.

Please see presentations below:

SME Builder Workshop September 2017 (PDF) [218KB]

SME Event - Sept 2017 - Cllr G Miller Presentation (PDF) [281KB]

SME Event - Sept 2017 - Les Clark, Chief Operating Officer, Sunderland City Council (PDF) [294KB]

Sunderland Housing Summit - January 2018

On 18 January Sunderland City Council held their third Housing Development Summit. The event provided an opportunity for developers and housing partners to hear the latest news on Sunderland's emerging Local Plan and the newly published Housing Strategy.

Housing Development Summit - Cllr G Miller Presentation (PDF) [500KB]

Housing Development Summit - Les Clark, Operating Officer, Sunderland City Council (PDF) [1MB]

Housing Development Summit - Update on Local Plan and Housing Strategy (PDF) [2MB]

Housing Development Summit - Affordable Housing (PDF) [1MB]

Housing Development Summit - Housing Delivery (PDF) [2MB]

Housing Development Summit - Housing ambition for vulnerable groups in the city (PDF) [830KB]

Housing Development Summit - Sheepfolds site (PDF) [1MB]

Small Sites Register

Sunderland City Council's Small Site Register has been produced in response to Sunderland City Council's work with SME house builders to increase and diversify development.

  • Sites are mainly less than a Hectare with capacity for fewer than 10 units
  • Constraints are listed where known, but full site investigation will be necessary
  • Sites in general are previously developed land
  • Inclusion of sites does not guarantee Planning Consent for Housing
  • The register should be read in conjunction with the Brownfield register

The Small Sites Register is designed to be a working document and land owners are encouraged to put small sites forward for inclusion by emailing us at

Small sites - Jan 2018 - Citywide (PDF) [26MB]

Small sites - Jan 2018 - Coalfield (PDF) [18MB]

Small sites - Jan 2018 - East (PDF) [22MB]

Small sites - Jan 2018 - North (PDF) [22MB]

Small sites - Jan 2018 - Washington (PDF) [7MB]

Small sites - Jan 2018 - West (PDF) [26MB]

List of Registered Providers

Please see below Registered Providers who are interested in working in partnership with developers in Sunderland to deliver new housing.

The council does not recommend the registered providers (RP's).  The RP's have agreed that their contact details can be accessed through this web page.

Registered Providers operating in Sunderland March 2018 (gi.ui.mediatype.xls) [25KB]

Please see contact details and links below to Homes and Communities Fund and the Homes Builders Fund.

Home Building Fund web page:

North East Property Fund 

Help to support house building schemes in the city.

The first page is direct to the North East Property Fund page on the FW Capital site and the second is to the page on the North East Growth Hub site.

 The North East Property Fund: helping smaller developers make an impact | FW Capital

Contact us - a new single point of contact

We have introduced a new central contact point specifically for housing development queries. All development queries will be handled centrally to ensure speed and continuity of response.

Contact us on email or telephone 0191 561 1240.

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