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Deferred payments

You can use the value of your house or property to help pay towards your care and support costs. And you don't have to sell your house during your lifetime.

If you have to pay the full cost of your care and support and you own your own house, we can lend you the money to help pay towards these costs.

You would repay these costs when you choose to sell your house, or after you pass away.

Who can sign up to a deferred payment?

You can apply if:

  • you own your own house or property
  • you have less than £23,250, excluding the value of your house or property
  • your home is registered with Land Registry (if not, you must pay for it to be registered)
  • we can place a legal charge on your property (similar to a mortgage)
  • your home must have no other debts secured against it (other than a mortgage)
  • you must have the mental capacity to agree to a deferred payment, or have someone legally acting on your behalf who can do this for you

If you need more details on how the scheme works you can read our Deferred Payment Scheme Policy and Deferred Payment Scheme Leaflet.

For further information on what financial details we collect, how we use it and when this may be shared, please refer to our social care financial assessment privacy notice.

We recommend that you obtain independent legal and financial advice before you make any final decision. A deferred payment agreement is just one option to help you pay for your care.  

Find further information on the Care Act 2014.

Read more at:

Charging policy (PDF) [323KB]

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