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Blue recycling bin

There are two parts to your recycling bin

  • the main body of the bin and
  • the inner black box

Different recyclable items should be places in separate parts of the bins

What to put in the main body of the bin

Note: Please don't put items into a plastic bag and then into your recycling bin, as plastic bags cannot be recycled.

  • All white, grey and brown cardboard - such as cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes and ready meal boxes
  • Food and drink cartons - such as empty juice cartons, milk cartons and food cartons
  • Household plastic packaging - all plastic bottles and plastic food packaging such as yogurt pots and plastic milk cartons
  • Empty food tins, clean foil, drink cans and aerosols - such as clean foil pie tins, baby milk formula tins, pet food tins and pop cans
  • Glass bottles and jars - such as jam jars, perfume bottles and coffee jars
  • Greeting cards without glitter

Please rinse out food and drink containers before you put them in your blue bin.

What to put in the inner black box (caddy)

Note: Please don't put items into a plastic bag and then into the caddy, as plastic bags cannot be recycled.

  • Paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories, catalogues, envelopes, printed paper and loose shredded paper.

What you can NOT put in the bin or caddy

  • Any type of batteries - they can cause fires. Instead, take them to:
  • Disposable vapes - they contain batteries and can cause fires. Instead please take them to:
  • Small electrical items containing batteries - they can cause fires. Instead, take them to:
  • Any electrical items
  • Inhalers - used inhalers should be returned to a pharmacy to be disposed of safely
  • Tissue paper or wallpaper
  • Textiles, fabrics and shoes - such as old clothes, tea towels and towels
  • Nappies
  • Plastic films - such as cling film, bread wrappers, crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, vegetable wrappings and magazine wrappings, cellophane and bubble wrap
  • Take away pizza boxes which have grease stains or food residue on the cardboard
  • Hard plastic - such as toys, kitchenware, electrical plugs and CD or DVD cases
  • Plastic guttering, plant pots and planting trays
  • Glittery cards and other glittery items
  • Styrofoam or Polystyrene packaging
  • Wrapping paper
  • Light bulbs
  • Dog waste bags
  • Food waste
  • Garden waste - such as prunings and grass cuttings
  • Paint tins
  • Wood

Watch our video to find out what can and can't go into your blue recycling bin:

And if you've ever wondered what happens to your recycling once it's been collected from your blue bin, you can find out in this video:

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