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5 top tips from savvy shoppers

5 top tips from savvy shoppers

Everyone we know is concerned that rising prices are putting a strain on all our finances. Dorothy our reporter has spent the last few weeks asking friends and family (strangers too!) what their top tips are for managing on a budget. If we shop when we're tired, hungry, or rushed, we don't always make the right decisions and can end up spending more than we intended. There are other ways to save too. The following tips are in no particular order.

Shop around

The days of going to the same supermarket for everything seem to be over.

Even people who work full time choose to go to different shops looking for the best bargains. Almost every supermarket has introduced a loyalty scheme as they've picked up on this trend. Use this to YOUR advantage. For instance, £15 of Tesco vouchers will buy you a £30 railcard. Over a period of a year, you'll save a third on your rail fares. If you don't want to use your points or vouchers in exchange for passes, restaurant discounts etc. you can use them to reduce your bill at the checkout.

Plan and make a list.

Supermarkets want us to make impulse purchases. Checking your fridge and freezer, planning your meals, and making a list, help to ensure we'll avoid buying something we don't really need. Keep an eye on food that is nearing its "use by" date. Most things will freeze successfully, and this will avoid waste. Good planning can cut down on the visits you make to the shops reducing the risk of impulse buying.

Buy in bulk and share.

If you're living on your own, you may not be able to take advantage of bulk buys. Some people get round this problem by splitting packs with a friend or relative. Be cautious as larger packs aren't always the best value. Do the math's!

Make from scratch and freeze.

When we're busy, it's so easy to pick up a convenience meal. Usually, they're not the healthiest option. Aside from that, you've paid someone else to do the cooking! Making a casserole, spaghetti bolognaise etc. from scratch is healthier, tastier, and cheaper. Batch cook, divide into portions and freeze.

Switch to own brands

Most supermarkets have their own brand of everyday items which are usually cheaper. You may have been buying the same brand of tinned tomatoes for years but why not give the supermarket brand a go? Just a word of caution, if a branded product is being promoted, it may well be the best value. Be a savvy shopper!

Many thanks to all the people who helped me by sharing their top tips.


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