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Bus Lane/Gate Enforcement

Bus lane enforcement (approved camera device)

Updated 07/03/2024

Traffic enforcement camera switch on - Holmeside

Traffic enforcement cameras are being switched on in Holmeside in Sunderland City Centre. The camera will be at the bus only section of Holmeside and will go live at 12.01am on Monday 18 March 2024.

There will be a two-week grace period and vehicle owners observed contravening the regulations will receive a warning notice.


The cameras are the third 'bus lane enforcement' cameras to be used by Sunderland City Council under national legislation. Councils across the country have been adopting bus lane enforcement powers to issue fines (Penalty Charge Notices) to vehicles that break traffic restrictions, such as driving in bus lanes and through bus gate restrictions.

Footage collected from the ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras will be reviewed by officers to determine whether any contravention has occurred. Drivers may be issued with a £70 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if the council is satisfied a contravention has occurred. The £70 can be discounted to £35 if paid within 21 days or alternatively the driver may appeal against the proposed PCN.

Penalty charges

Income generated by bus lane PCNs from cameras can only be used for further works on highways, public transport and environmental projects. As with parking restrictions, if a driver disagrees with the notice an appeals process is in place. Full details will be included on notices issued to vehicle owners.

The new enforcement does not cover speeding offences monitored by cameras which remain with Northumbria Police and the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative (NSRI). Penalty charge notices of £70 will be issued from Monday 1 April 2024.

City centre vehicle routing

Buses now have priority along Holmeside through to Vine Place with a new gyratory system turning traffic from Holmeside onto Maritime Street, and a new road link created through the site of the former Peacock's store on to Brougham Street next to The Bridges shopping centre.

Maritime Street, Brougham Street and Waterloo Place are now one-way, creating clockwise gyratory system, returning traffic to Holmeside in an easterly direction.

Please refer to below plans showing the new city centre vehicle movements and access restrictions.

Holmeside Bus Gate aerial view

Proposed city centre vehicle movements

Current cameras

Sunderland City Council uses approved camera devices to carry out enforcement of bus lanes.

Bus lanes are enforced to make sure they are properly used, and that their benefits are maximised. These include: -

  • Increased bus service reliability
  • Improved bus passenger journey times
  • Encouraging the use of sustainable public transport, further reducing congestion and pollution on and near our roads

The camera devices work in conjunction with the CCTV and road safety vehicle along with the existing foot patrols carried out by the council's Civil Enforcement Officers to help improve road safety by ensuring parking restrictions are complied with.

The primary purpose of any approved camera device for enforcement is to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic through the detection of contraventions of traffic regulations thereby reducing delays on the highway network.

Sunderland City Council use the approved camera devices to enforce bus lanes which are currently installed at:-

  • Dene Street, Silksworth
  • Brancepeth Road, Washington

The Penalty Charge Notice will be issued for £70.00. If paid within 21 days, the motorist will pay the discounted amount of £35.00.

The times of the bus lane enforcement will be clearly signed. Road markings will clearly indicate the start and end of the bus lane.

Motorist will not receive points on their licence in connection with PCN's issued by Sunderland City Council you will only be required to pay the penalty charge.

Some vehicles are permitted to drive in bus lanes when it is in operation and can differ between locations, so you should check the signs at the start of the lane or bus only street before entering.

If a penalty charge notice is issued the owner or keeper of the vehicle has the right to appeal. The document issued as a result of the contravention being recorded by the camera device will include full details of the appeals process and will also include photographs of the vehicle parked in contravention of the restrictions.

Personal data has been collected in order to serve this Penalty Charge Notice and enforce the Bus Lane terms and conditions. As a contravention has occurred, your personal data may be collected, processed, shared and retained in order to carry out the performance of a public task and fulfil our legal obligations in the following ways:

  • To request details of the registered keeper of the vehicle from the DVLA in order to pursue a Penalty Charge Notice.
  •  Shared with third parties for appeals and enforcement.
  •  Shared with the police or security organisations to prevent or detect crime.

In order to enforce with the approved camera devices, the council have to be authorised to do so by the Secretary of State and certification.

Penalty charge notices

Please check our Data Protection Statement (opens new window)

Penalty Charge Notices are issued by a Civil Enforcement Officer or by an approved device in the form of a CCTV vehicle for a number of reasons.

Parking enforcement - CCTV

Sunderland City Council uses a CCTV road safety and enforcement vehicle to carry out parking enforcement to enforce those restrictions where the stopping of a vehicle is not permitted and where abuse creates a significant safety concern. For example:

  • School keep clear zigzag markings (code 48)
  • Bus stop clearways/stands (code 47)

Parking enforcement - Approved Bus Lane/Gate Devices

Sunderland City Council Use Approved Bus Lane/Gate Devices to enforce bus lanes to make sure they are properly used, and that their benefits are maximised. For Example:

·       Being in a bus lane (code 34J)

How to appeal

If a penalty charge notice is issued, the owner or keeper of the vehicle has the right to appeal. The document issued as a result of the contravention being recorded by CCTV is a Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notice (that also acts as a Notice to Owner) and will include full details of the appeals process.

There are a few different ways to appeal a Penalty Charge Notice:

How to view evidence:

If you wish to view evidence of the parking offence you can view this online through our Parking Gateway

To view the evidence, you will need:

  • PCN number - this starts with an SX and is located on your Penalty Charge Notice
  • Your vehicle registration details

How to pay

  • Parking Gateway (Debit/Credit card only)
  • By Telephone: Please contact City and neighbourhood team by calling 0191 520 5555 (Debit/Credit card only)
  • By Post: Parking Services, City Hall, Plater Way, Sunderland, SR1 3AD (Cheque/Postal Order Only)
  • In Person: At any outlet displaying the Pay Point sign (Debit/Credit card or cash)

Please make cheques payable to Sunderland City Council. You must allow two working days for 1st class post and five working days for 2nd class post.

Please do not send cash through the post.

Signage maps

Brancepeth Road bus gate signage plan (PDF) [1MB]

Dene Street bus gate signage plan (PDF) [1MB]

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