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Registered Waste Carriers

All waste carriers require a Waste Carrier Licence, issued by the Environment Agency, that allows them to transport, buy, sell, or dispose of waste, or to arrange for someone else to do so.

Before you book a waste carrier you must check that thay are registered and licensed. If  you use a waste carrier that is not licensed and the waste is found to be fly-tipped, then you (the householder) are liable for prosecution.

Registered carriers are listed in the Register of Waste Carriers, Brokers and Dealers full list. The list contains some businesses that are resistered but would not collect general bulky waste as they are, for example, plumbing or joinery businesses who only dispose of waste from their specific line of work. To find a carrier that collects bulky waste from residiential properties you will need input your postcode into the Register of Waste Carriers, Brokers and Dealers search function and look through the full list of the search results.

The waste carrier should provide you (the householder) with a transfer note which is proof you have handed responsibility for the waste disposal to the carrier. The waste transfer note should contain the following information:

  • The registered waste carrier name and licence number
  • The name and address of both parties (the householder who is disposing of the waste, and the waste carrier)
  • A description of the waste, an approximate quantity and how it's packaged or contained, for example bagged, boxed or loose
  • The date, time and place of the transfer
  • Details of where the waste will be disposed of (at which waste facility)
  • Signature of the the registered carrier

Having the waste transfer note provides proof for you (the householder) that the waste was disposed of correctly. Not having a waste transfer note, will render you (the householder) liable for prosecution should the waste be found fly-tipped.

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