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Digital Strategy

Sunderland City Council Digital Strategy

We have created a digital strategy to:

  • Improve how you can engage with us online
  • Transform access and connectivity across the city
  • Provide new, efficient ways of working

The strategy follows some key principles, to make sure it delivers excellent customer service:

  • Accessibility
    We know there's not always a one size fits all approach. We will continue to provide and develop a range of ways to contact us to allow choice and convenience. We'll make sure we don't exclude or unfairly disadvantage anybody. We will use research to find out why particular channels are or aren't used. We will continue to develop channels to improve accessibility.
  • Consistency
    However you contact us, the experience should always be the same. We want you to feel reassured when dealing with the council, whether that is in person, by telephone or online.
  • High quality
    The way we deal with you any time you contact us should be efficient and courteous. Wherever possible we should meet your needs the first time you contact us. This could be by answering your query when you call or providing the right information on our website that is easy to find.
  • Value for money
    The way we interact with you should provide value for money. Providing straightforward and convenient ways of using services online can also offer cost savings.

Making it simple to access information online and use self serve tools where possible will let us offer more specialist and tailored advice to those who need it.

The strategy focuses on three main themes:

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