Changes to MOT rules

Your car, van or motorcycle's MOT expiry date will be extended by 6 months if it's due on or after 30 March 2020 - but you must keep your vehicle safe to drive.

Help with overdraft fees

Some banks have scrapped overdraft fees and others have introduced new interest free buffers. For more information contact your bank.

Help with funeral costs

Financial support helping families meet the costs of funeral expenses such as coffins and funeral directors' fees will increase from £700 to £1,000.

A new leaflet has been published on GOV.UK - Information for the Bereaved Coronavirus (COVID 19) (link is external)

Help for people facing payment difficulties

A new package of measures to directly support consumers due to coronavirus (Covid-19). See temporary measures covering motor finance and high cost credit agreements, which include: high-cost short-term credit (including payday loans), buy-now pay-later (BNPL), rent-to-own (RTO) and pawnbroking.