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Pest identification

It can sometimes be difficult to correctly identify an insect pest which is why we ask customers to take a sample of the insect pest into Fawcett Street customer service centre. The insect pest will be sent off to be tested and once the pest has been identified, a pest operative will be in contact with you to arrange an appointment.

Choosing a container

The container you use must be empty, clean and dry and have an air tight lid.  Do not use a match box as this is not air tight.  Examples of suitable containers include: 

  • Pill jar;
  • Plastic tub;
  • Plastic bottle;
  • Glass bottle;
  • Glass jar

How to get a sample

We suggest you try to get at least three samples.

  • If the pest is a very small insect (eg a flea) an easy way to pick up a sample is to dab the pest with a cotton wool bud.
  • If the pest is a larger insect pest, spray it with a fly spray then either gently brush it into your container or pick it up with tweezers and drop it in.

Please don't:

  • Use sticky tape to collect a sample insect pest as it will get damaged when you remove it from the tape; or
  • Hit insects with a rolled-up newspaper or magazine as this will squash the insect and make it really difficult to identify.

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