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Thinking of having a garden or allotment bonfire during the Corona Virus pandemic - think again!

Bonfire smoke can have a harmful effect on people with health and/or respiratory problems and cause significant problems not only for those for people suffering with coronavirus symptoms, but also those who are staying at home.

A simple fire can prevent many people from using their garden or opening a window, which may be their only source of fresh air.

We are proud of Sunderland's strong and resilient communities and their will to support our most vulnerable residents, and each other, through this pandemic. Please look after your neighbours and those around you by considering their health and comfort.

Although it is not against the law to have a garden bonfire, we have reviewed our usual position regarding bonfires during this difficult and unprecedented time, and ask that you do not burn anything in your garden or allotment until further notice. 

We will view any complaints about burning very seriously and take enforcement action against those who choose not to comply. 

Read more about garden bonfire rules

Making a complaint

We don't investigate anonymous complaints. We won't reveal your identity during our initial investigations, but it may be necessary to present your statement in court should the matter require a prosecution.

You can report the problem on 0191 520 5550

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