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Advice and support for victims and crime prevention tips

There are lots of steps you can take to protect yourself, your home, your business and your vehicles, most of them at little or no cost to yourself.

There are also lots of help, advice and support agencies available in Sunderland, and regionally and nationally, who support victims and survivors of crime.

By following some straightforward advice you can play your part in keeping crime low in Sunderland.

You can access a wide range of help, advice and support if you have been a victim of crime.

Stalking and harassment

Domestic violence, abuse, stalking and harassment

Anti-social behaviour

Modern slavery and trafficking

Sexual exploitation

Cyber crime and on-line safety advice

Alcohol, drugs and substance misuse

External Links

Victims First Northumbria is a registered charity. Tel: 0800 011 3116 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm and Saturday 9am - 5pm). They provide practical and emotional support to help victims of crime across Northumbria, helping them to cope and recover from their experience. They also have a victim services directory that collates a wide range of help, advice and support organisations.

Northumbria Police offer practical advice to help you contribute to the fight against crime by protecting yourself and your property.

Police UK has lots of crime prevention advice, such as how to be cyber aware, and simple steps you can take to prevent criminals stealing your mobile phone.

Crimestoppers is a charity which runs an anonymous phone number, 0800 555 111. It exists to give you a safe and secure route to give information about crime. This is their core service but they also want to help prevent crime before it happens. Their website has practical advice including personal safety tips, advice on how you can protect your family, business, home, vehicle and more.

Neighbourhood Watch for your nearest Neighbourhood Watch scheme.



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