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Wheelchair Services

Sunderland's Wheelchair Assessment team provide advice and support for adults and children who wish to buy their own wheelchair or be provided with one through the scheme funded by the NHS.

The team aims to find equipment that provides mobility, comfort, safety and most importantly, independence.

If you are registered with a Sunderland GP and have a permanent, diagnosed medical condition or physical disability that means you have problems with your mobility that will last longer than six months, you may be eligible for provision of a wheelchair through the NHS scheme.

The team also provides equipment to the customers who are terminally ill with a short life expectance.

As part of the service, your assessor will:

  • Ask you to show them how you currently manage your mobility
  • If you already have a wheelchair, this assessor will consider how you manage to get in and out of this chair
  • Advise you on your eligibility to receive a chair through the NHS scheme
  • Help you decide which equipment best meets your needs through the NHS scheme by considering
  • Provide best clinical advice on any equipment you might be interested in buying for yourself.

The assessor may visit you in your own home, or ask you to attend an appointment at the wheelchair clinic, which is based at:

Independent Living Centre, Claymere Road, Sunderland, SR2 9TS

If you have a temporary need, or visiting the area, there are suppliers such as the Red Cross (opens new window) who will loan you a wheelchair. There may be a small loan charge for this service.

The service provides mobility equipment such as walking stick, rollators and wheelchairs to support people who are having problems with their mobility but for whom a wheelchair is not yet the best option.

The service provides manual wheelchairs that can be pushed by another person or propelled by you. In some situations, it may be possible to provide equipment that is lighter or specifically measured for the person.

The service works in partnership with the Regional Engineering Service to provide powered wheelchairs.

In some situations, it may be possible to provide a buggy for children experiencing mobility difficulties.

The service works in partnership with other suppliers to develop special seating systems that fit within the frame of the wheelchair to support people who have individual postural support needs.

Non-powered chairs and buggies are provided on loan through the Community Equipment Service (opens new window). Powered equipment is provided on loan through the Regional Engineering Service.

The service does not provide mobility scooters.

The assessor works with a range of chairs and accessories that have been procured through an arrangement with all regional wheelchair services. This ensures that the equipment provided meets appropriate quality standards and is the best value for money.

If you have identified a wheelchair that you would prefer, and would meet your needs, your assessor can help you by arranging a financial contribution towards the wheelchair of your choice.

In this situation, you would need to arrange your own assessment with a BHTA registered supplier who will inform your assessor of the specific make and model of wheelchair you would prefer. The assessor will ensure that this equipment will meet your needs, and ensure your safety. Where this is the case, you will be provided with a voucher to the value of the chair your assessor would have provided you through our contract. You can then put towards your preferred equipment.

If your equipment is broken, please contact our approved repairers Ross Care on 0191 4155151 or

To speak to someone who will help you decide if you would like assistance from the wheelchair service, please speak to our Health and wellbeing team.

Find our further information about the Wheelchair Criteria.





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