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Choosing the right face covering

Choosing the best face covering for you

Covering your nose and mouth reduces the spread of Covid-19 droplets when you cough, sneeze or speak. Wearing a face covering when in crowded and enclosed spaces will help reduce the chance of you catching or spreading Covid-19.

There are lots of different face coverings available and this short guide provides information about some of the different types to help you choose the best one for you.

Types of face covering

When worn correctly, any type of face covering will help protect you from catching or spreading Covid-19, so it's important we all continue to wear face coverings when in indoor public places. This handy graphic will help you choose the one you want to wear.

 Choosing the best face covering for you

How to Wear a Face Covering 

  • Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off, and after you touch it at any time
  • Make sure it completely covers your nose, mouth and chin
  • It should fit snugly against the side of your face with no gaps
  • When you take off your mask, store it in a clean plastic bag, and every day either wash it if it's a fabric mask, or dispose in a bin

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