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Winter maintenance

We have worked out which roads are crucial to keep Sunderland moving in severe weather. If there is heavy snowfall over an extended period of time, we will concentrate on gritting the Priority 1 routes across the city. We will only return to the other roads when we know that those main routes are clear. Keeping all roads, footpaths and pedestrian areas clear of snow and ice would be an impossible task so we treat them on a strict priority basis. We cannot grit the entire network or respond to every request; this is why we have the priority gritting routes to help keep the city moving.

Read our Winter Service Plan for full information on how we decide on where, when and how to grit routes.

The pre-determined gritting routes in Sunderland cover the main roads and bus routes across the city, as well as ensuring access for emergency vehicles.



Priority 1 Routes 

Roads which get very high levels of traffic and are primary bus routes, for example Chester Road and the A1231 Washington to Sunderland highway. 

Priority 2 Routes 

Other main roads and bus routes, treated after Priority 1 is complete. 

A19, A1 and A1 (M) 

Dealt with by National Highways, for information on their winter gritting programme call 0300 123 5000 or visit their website National Highways - Highways England

Residential roads and paths 

These are unlikely to be treated due to resources being concentrated on the Priority 1 and 2 routes. However, whenever possible we will treat footpaths around shopping centres, bus stops and footbridges - again, in order of priority. 

Priority gritting routes map

The A19, A1 and A1(M) are dealt with by Highways England. For information on their winter gritting programme call their information line on 0300 123 5000 or visit their website.

Gritting requests

In order to rationalise the approach made to salting other roads in the borough a priority Salting Network has been created. This will enable roads not on the Primary 1 or Primary 2 routes to be treated in a more focused way rather than responding to ad-hoc requests from residents and other road users. The 'Third Tier' Salting Network comprises roads that will only be salted following extreme snow events and will prioritise routes such as refuse collections.

Grit bins

We've already identified footpaths in each ward where we'll be concentrating on gritting or removing snow. These are mainly busy areas and around shopping areas and links to public transport, like main bus routes.

If you have a grit bin near to your house you can use it on public paths and roads. Please don't use it on your own property and other private areas. The grit bins we provide are to help keep housing estates, cul-de-sacs and lanes clear. Read our Grit Bin Policy to find out what criteria we apply when siting grit bins across the city.

You can use the map below to find your nearest grit bin:

Grit bins

Request a grit bin service

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