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While volunteering is a selfless act and is a vital part of building strong communities, many people don't think about the personal benefits they can get by volunteering.

As well as benefiting your community, volunteering provides you with a range of advantages including:

  • Creating a feeling of community spirit and belonging
  • Promoting an active mind and body
  • Increased activity and improved health
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Learning new skills
  • Having fun!

There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities in Sunderland. Have a look at some that are available at the moment:

Volunteering Opportunities in Sunderland brochure

Find out about more volunteering opportunities in Sunderland and sign up as a volunteer today:

Volunteering in Sunderland website

Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance has been formed by the sector themselves, working in partnership with services across the city - including the council, Gentoo and the Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group. The Alliance is in place to ensure the VCS in Sunderland is supported to grow and is resourced. Find out more about the Alliance:

Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance

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