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Why volunteer as a Tech Mate?

Volunteer Ryhope
In the North-East, 5% of people have never been online, apply this % to Sunderland and it equates to 13,900 offline customers.​ 28% have very low digital capacity, applied to Sunderland this means over 77,000 people could struggle online. â€‹ â€‹If you consider the number of offline people alongside those that have low digital capacity, that's potentially 1 in 3 Sunderland residents' being or experiencing some form of digital exclusion.​  


Location of Host Organisations

There are a number of local charities and community organisations across Sunderland who would welcome Tech Mate volunteers into their Centres, these are:

  • Building Blocks Day Centre, Concord, NE37 2SS, 07950 471 331
  • Easington Lane Community Access Point, Easington Lane, DH5 0LE, 0191 526 1071
  • Mickey's Place, Sulgrave, NE37 3BB, 0191 431 2700
  • North East Sports, Fulwell, SR6 8LG, 07883 885 708
  • Philadelphia Cricket and Community Club, Houghton le Spring, DH4 4JE, 0191 389 0484
  • Ryhope Community Centre, Ryhope, SR2 0RX, 0191 523 9571ShARP, Shiney Row, DH4 4QW, 0191 385 6687
  • St Michaels Community Centre, Hill View, SR2 9JT, 0191 514 7844
  • Youth Almighty, Silksworth, SR3 2BB, 0191 523 8000

Aims of a Tech Mate

You don't need to be a digital expert to be a Tech Mate.  A Tech Mate is someone who supports family, colleagues or people in their community gain vital digital confidence and skills to make the most of going online. It is more about people skills than being about digital skills, and as a Tech Mate volunteer you will be contributing towards the city's pledge to ensure no one and nowhere is left behind in this digital world.

  • A basic understanding of how to use a keyboard, mouse and search the internet.
  • Friendly and approachable manner.
  • Eagerness to help others improve digitals skills. 
  • Be a good listener and patient.
  • Able to explain things in simple terms.  


  • Be the 'Go to Person' for people to get help and support to build digital confidence.
  • Show people basic digital skills to safely navigate around the worldwide web.
  • Help build confidence and trust in technology.
  • Be willing to provide one to one help, OR lead on small group sessions showing people the internet.
  • Signpost people onto other pathways of support.
  • Minimum of two hours per week

Common Requests for Support

  • Help to reset a password
  • How to use a keyboard device for the first time
  • Navigate around the internet safely and how to use a web browser e.g. Bing or Google
  • Searching for cheaper deals, for example, gas, holidays, furniture
  • Setting up an email account
  • Looking for job opportunities


Express an Interest

As a Tech Mate you will be invited to join the Go Online Digital Inclusion Network, and receive regular e-newsletters to keep you up to speed with information.  As well as, offered an invitation to attend a Digital Inclusion Course and receive access to a Digital Ready Toolkit.  If you are interested in volunteering for the host organisation listed above, you can either contact them directly or for submit an expression of interest form, once received we'll happily contact you for a conversation about the role.  

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