The Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC) is a continuous dual carriageway link between the A19 and the Port of Sunderland.

Phase 3 (SSTC 3) is the critical 2km link between the Northern Spire and the city centre, due for completion in 2021.

Preparations are well underway for the delivery of SSTC 3 which is vital to:

  • Maximise the benefits of Phase 1 - St Mary's Boulevard, which has been completed
  • Maximise the benefits of Phase 2 - Northern Spire bridge, under construction 
  • Fully open up the regeneration opportunities of development sites in Pallion, Deptford, Farringdon Row and other sites to the South of the river

The benefits brought to the city by the scheme include:

  • Improved connectivity to the city from Nissan, the Low Carbon Enterprise Zone and International Advanced Manufacturing Park
  • Improved connectivity to the city centre, Port of Sunderland and areas for regeneration
  • Opening up high quality access to sites of former usage for regeneration
  • Improvement of trip times and journey time reliability for all road users
  • Enabling distribution of traffic between the Wear Crossings
  • Reduction of congestion
  • Improvements in public transport, cycle and pedestrian routes
  • Improvement of the urban environment and road safety 

The overall scheme cost is estimated to be £70.8m, a substantial investment in the city. Over half of this value will be the main construction contract. Land acquisition, diversions of buried services, design, project management and risk allowances make up the remainder.

The council have successfully attracted £40.5m funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) via the Local Growth Fund (LGF) provided through the regional Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). These bodies are key partners in the scheme.

Key milestones

With some preparation works programmed for earlier, the main construction works will start in Spring 2019. The road will be fully open to traffic in mid 2021. 

Key milestones which have been achieved to date:

2007SSTC route included in Alteration 2 of Unitary Development Plan
September 2014Delivery of Phase 3 gains council Cabinet approval
January 2015Consultation with potentially affected land interests begun
July 2015Design consultants appointed
August 2015Data collection and preliminary design commenced
May 2016Public consultation
November 2016Council Cabinet approve the design layout
January 2017Planning application made
January 2017Detailed design commences
June 2017Consultation with prospective construction contractors commenced
June 2017Further detailed site investigation commenced
Sept 2017Roads orders published including Compulsory Purchase
October 2017Planning permission granted
January 2018Detailed design substantially complete
Summer 2018Public Inquiry
Summer 2018Invitations to tender for construction works
Summer 2018Limited enabling works commence on site including demolitions
Summer 2018Some underground service diversions in advance
Autumn 2018Contractor announced
Winter 2018/19Final approvals confirmed by Secretary of State
Winter 2018/19Land Entry Procedures
Spring 2019Final business case approved by Department for Transport releasing the £40.5m funding

Key dates for the programme ahead:

Spring 2019Construction commences
Summer 2021Works complete and fully open to traffic

The scheme layout

The SSTC3 route runs on an approximately West/East alignment South of the River Wear, between Northern Spire and the city centre. From West to East, key features of the route include:

  • A new Western entrance into the Pallion Shipyard site
  • A sweeping curve around the South of the site between retaining walls
  • Crossing under the end span of the Queen Alexandra Bridge
  • Overlaying the existing Deptford Terrace alignment above the Ropery
  • New junctions in the Simpson Street Area to Pallion New Road and Beach Street
  • A widening of the existing Trimdon Street corridor between the retail and residential areas there
  • Improvements to Hylton Road and St Mary's roundabouts
  • Shared use footpath/cycle paths throughout
  • Rework of existing streetscapes at Alliance Place and Carol Street
  • Landscaping throughout the scheme

See what the carriageway will look like:

 SSTC3 Main scheme drawing over aerial imagery [7Mb]

To see a flythrough of the route click here.

To see a drive through of the route click here.

To see a flythrough of SSTC phase 2 and Phase 3 route click here.

Project updates

October 2017

Planning Application

The scheme has to obtain Planning Permission in order to proceed. A Planning Application was submitted in January 2016 and planning permission was granted on 24 October 2017.

As well as details of the scheme, the planning application includes an Environmental Statement, the result of a full Environmental Impact Assessment.

 Environmental statement non-technical summary [11Mb]

All the submitted details can be viewed and comments made via the Planning Portal of the City Council website. A link is provided here

Publication of Orders

The Orders for the scheme were published in September 2017. These documents are the means by which the council formally acquires the land necessary for the scheme and enable the changes to the public highway network. They are published subject to decision by the Secretary of State which will follow a period for objections, resolution and Public Inquiry if one is required.

Public Inquiry

The publication of orders resulted in a public inquiry which took place in September 2018.  Secretary of State confirmed the Side Road Orders and the Compulsory Purchase Order (with minor modifications) on 30 November 2018.  General Vesting Declaration notices served on 18 February 2019 with possession of land May 2019.

The inspectors report can be found here Icon for pdf Inspector's Report [346.54KB]