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School Uniform Support

For most families, the cost of school uniforms can be a struggle and an extra financial worry. We have put some information together that might be helpful when you're organising your child's school uniform. It's worth checking with your child's school to find out if there are any available grants, vouchers or support schemes towards clothing costs.  

Second Chance Community Shop

The community shop offers free preloved school uniform for all as well as being able to purchase other quality affordable clothes. For more information, contact Wendy on 07925858184, email: or visit their Facebook page

Fulwell Community School Uniform Scheme

This community uniform scheme offers preloved uniform for various schools across the city. For more information email or visit their Facebook page.  

Building Block Day Centre

This Washington based organisation have a uniform shop offering preloved school items for a recommended donation of 20p per item (the donation is not essential). For more information email

Community Centres

Farringdon Youth and Community Centre have a distribution centre that collects and distributes preloved, local school uniforms free of charge. For more information contact 

Silksworth Youth and Community Centre have preloved uniform items for Silksworth Academy and Venerable Bede schools. For more information ring 0191 523 8000.

Moneywise Credit Union

In Sunderland, we've partnered with Moneywise Credit Union to offer affordable credit and savings. The Family Loan has been created for families or individuals who receive child benefit and want an extra helping hand. 

'Family Loan' allows all families/individuals in receipt of child benefit to have a loan of up to £750 from the Credit Union without having a credit check - this will be conditional upon child benefit being paid directly from the Department for Work and Pensions to the Credit Union. For more information visit School Uniform Loans - Moneywise or ring 0191 276 7963. 

Cheap School Uniform Deals

Money Saving Expert have information on the cheapest school uniform items, whether you're after something last minute or just need a few spares.

For more information around managing your money, visit

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