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Residential and nursing care

Residential and nursing care is for people who cannot continue living in their own home. It can be for a short time, over a longer period or permanently.

There is a range of residential and nursing care accommodation for adults aged 18 and over across the city, which provide 24-hour personal care, nursing care and support to residents who may find it difficult to manage daily life at home.

Residential care provides residents with a safe place where they are looked after according to their needs, such as help with washing, dressing, toileting, administering medication and mobility and medical care. These care settings mean that people can treat the setting as their home and live there with access to a range of support services on site.

The purpose of these care settings is to ensure that people who cannot live independently but do not need nursing care are well looked after and can continue to lead meaningful lives.  The main difference between residential and nursing care is that a nursing care home will always have a registered nurse onsite and is able to manage more complex health needs than a residential care home.

You can arrange this directly with a provider or ask us to arrange the support for you.  If you ask us to arrange this support for you an assessment of your care and support needs will need to be completed to see if you meet the eligible criteria for this support.

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