You can report a planning breach to us online. You must provide your name and address. All complaints are treated in the strictest confidence and the source will not be revealed (although it may well be apparent in some situations). It may be necessary for us to rely on the complainant as a witness in due course if it is decide.

We will investigate all of the complaints we receive about unauthorised development. This includes building works, changes in the use of buildings or land, the appearance of building or land, advertisements, works to Listed Buildings, or works to trees that are protected. We have a discretionary power (as to whether it is expedient or in the public interest) to take enforcement action having regard to:

1. The merits of each case

2. The aims and objectives of the local development plan and other legislation and

3. Whether it is expedient or in the public interest to do so in respect of the above factors

Make a report to planning enforcement

Formal notices that have been served by Sunderland City Council can be viewed on our Enforcement Register