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Let's Talk Weeds

In March 2021, a council motion at Full Council agreed that Sunderland City Council would produce an action plan on the elimination of the use of herbicides by the council, supporting partners to follow suit, and develop a wider strategy to support biodiversity across the city. 

Since March 2021, we have: 

  • Stopped the use of chemical herbicides in cemeteries
  • Stopped the use of chemical herbicides in Green Flag Parks
  • Reduced the use of chemical herbicides on soft surface areas (open spaces, formal parks, play areas, shrub beds, signs, fence and tree lines)
  • Created wildflowering areas

During 2022 we carried out further trials to help us understand the impact of alternative weed control options in different environments. Weather conditions last year meant that the pilots did not give us clear results to shape recommendations going forward.

As a result, we are carrying out further targeted trials starting in April 2023 and continuing until beginning of October 2023. This will provide us with clear evidence to review and consider options, cost and resource implications for each method tested.

To carry out this targeted trial we will be testing different methods of weed control in different streets in an area, to allow us to understand the impacts. These locations have been chosen to give a spread across the city in different conditions.

We will be carrying out a range of different weed control measures in different parts of the city. We'll ask for your views on this as we move through the year as we can show the impact the different methods have on weeds.

Let's Talk Weeds FAQs

Initially, we'd like to understand what is your biggest priority for how we treat weeds, both thinking about your area and the city as a whole.

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Low Carbon

Partners across the city have developed and signed up to the Sunderland Low Carbon Framework that will drive down emissions and seek to make the city carbon neutral by 2040. For more information on how you can get involved and play your part visit Low Carbon.

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