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Illegal unlit bonfire

We do not deal with lit bonfires - you must call the emergency services immediately on 999.  

We are responsible for the removal of unlit bonfires that are located on public land and bonfires that have been extinguished if they are affecting the environment. Each request is assessed on the risk and are given a priority based upon the assessment. 

Priority Level                             

Risk Assessment                 


Priority 1 (Category A) 

High Risk  

Where removal required to protect life and property; in interest of public safety (within 15m of occupied property; within housing estate; near busy road or containing gas cylinders or other hazardous material 

Priority 2 (Category B) 

Medium Risk 

Where removal is required to protect property but not meeting Category A criteria 

Priority 3 (Category C) 

Low Risk 

Where removal is required as unauthorised bonfire is situated on open land 

If you need to report an illegal unlit bonfire, please click on the report button below. Our Local Services Team will consider your report and update it with the relevant action to be taken. 

Report illegal unlit bonfire

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