Do you want our decision explained?

Once you receive your award letter, if you need more information about our decision, you can request a written statement of our reasons for making the decision. This must be done within one month of the date on the award letter.

Do you want us to look at the decision again?

If you have received your award letter or written statement of our reasons and you think our decision is wrong, you should complete the request for an appeal form within one calendar month of the date on the decision letter. Your appeal must be signed. (If you have asked for a written statement of reasons, you will have the one-month time limit from the date of the decision letter, plus the time we took to send you the statement of reasons).

Once received, if we decide that our decision was wrong, we will amend your claim and a new award letter will be sent to you.

If the decision cannot be changed, we will send you a letter explaining this and let you know if you can appeal the decision or not.

Return your completed form by:

Appealing against the Housing Benefit decision?

If we do not change the decision, we will send your appeal with an explanation of the law, facts and any other relevant information used to make the decision, to the Tribunals Service. A copy of the appeal papers will be sent to yourself.

The Tribunals Service operated by the Department of Work and Pensions will decide your appeal at a tribunal hearing. The tribunal is made up of people who are independent of the Council. Once a decision has been made, you will receive a decision notice explaining the tribunal's decision. If the decision is in your favour, your claim will be amended as soon as we receive the decision.

Appealing against the council tax support decision?

If we cannot change the decision in your favour, or if we fail to inform you of our decision within two months, you can appeal direct to The Valutation Tribunal Service (VTS)

You must contact The VTS within 2 months from the date of our decision, or if we have failed to reply to you, you must apply within 4 months from the date you originally appealed to us.

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