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Community care support

Community care support is one of two evidence-based schemes that make up Sunderland City Council's local welfare provision scheme. It is intended to help vulnerable people who lack financial resources to: 

  • enter or re-enter the community or 
  • maintain their independence within the community

The scheme can provide help towards the costs of the  following essential items  

  • beds 
  • refurbished furniture 
  • refurbished white goods 
  • small essential household items ( for kitchen / bathroom)

Eligibility criteria

The individual's application must meet the Local Welfare Provision Policy - April 2024 requirements , meet at least one of a number of eligibility criteria which includes lacking financial resources ( income and savings) .

How to apply

Applications should be made online  LWP (CSS) - Sunderland City Council and you will need to provide any evidence requested . If you need help with this or have any questions  you can  telephone our Home and Money Team on 0191 520 5551.

·         Evidence requirements include obtaining information about repair bills or whether items can be repaired where applications are being made for replacement items

Find out where you can get other help at

If you are waiting for a new DWP benefit award and/or are in financial difficulty, visit 


If your application is successful, you may receive a

·         financial contribution towards the cost of these items / goods

·         direct provision of some of these goods

·         a combination of these

Award values are based on the size of the household and the council will determine the means by which it provides each award.

If your application is unsuccessful and you think the decision is wrong, you can request that the council review this decision Local Welfare Provision Review Form within one month of the decision notification date

LWP is  not a social security benefit therefore If the Internal Review does not change the decision , and you are still unhappy you cannot appeal to HM Courts & Tribunals Service . You may be able to complain via the councils Corporate Complaints Policy or if that fails and in cases of alleged


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