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Request an assisted refuse collection

If you find it difficult to pull your bin out and have no one that can help you, we may be able to make arrangements to help. You may qualify for an assisted collection if you are elderly, infirm or have a medical condition or illness that makes it difficult for you to wheel your bins out. If there is an able-bodied person living in your property you will not be entitled to the assisted refuse collection.

Residents that qualify for an assisted collection must on the day of collection at 7.30am:

  • Leave any gates unlocked
  • Make sure pets are not loose in their garden or yard
  • Ensure that the bin is accessible

The council will review these arrangements periodically and may carry out its own checks and remove the service where no longer applicable.

Use the form below to:

  • Request an assisted collection
  • Cancel an assisted collection
  • Change the address of your assisted collection
  • Report a misuse of service

Request or change an assisted collection

Further information is within our Service standards.

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