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Health and medical waste

We can provide an additional bin for the use of non-infectious medical waste such as incontinence pads and bandages. This bin should also not be used for general household waste and will be collected on the same day as your green household waste bin.

It must not be used for infectious medical waste, sharps or prescription only medicines. The council cannot accept these items and they must be removed by your local healthcare provider.

Request a medical waste bin

If you have any leftover unused medicines, please take it to your local pharmacy. The pharmacy team will be able to dispose of the medicines in a safe way.

You should not put medicines in the bin, down the sink or toilet, or give to a friend. It is especially important to dispose of antibiotics correctly. We should treat antibiotics carefully to ensure that they stay working for when we really need them.
And remember, if you are prescribed antibiotics you should always complete the course, even if you start to feel better, unless you are told to stop by a healthcare professional.

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