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Elemore and the environment

Looking after the environment every step of the way

Retain, Reuse, Relocate, Repurpose - that's the mission statement for the Elemore redevelopment, looking to ensure we reuse and repurpose everything on site, literally right down to the kitchen sink!  Far too much waste goes into landfill and the project team at Elemore are determined to save and re-use/re-purpose as much as possible.

The former Elemore golf club building

The Building and contents have been well cared for during its use as a golf club for over 20 to 25 years. Since its closure, security have continued to protect the integrity of the building. As a result the refurbishment project is presented with a significant resource of reusable items. The task is to manage this resource in a realistic and safe manner.

The Design approach

The design seeks to:

a) retain as much of the internal layout as possible

b) reuse as many elements in place as possible

c) reposition as many robust and salvageable elements as possible

d) repurpose as much redundant material as possible

e) upgrade energy systems and insulation levels to the buildings internal envelope

f) upgrade certain retained elements in terms of energy efficiency

The construction approach

The assumption on site, particularly in the initial strip out stage, has been that all elements are potentially reusable unless proved not to be so. The strip-out techniques adopted reflected this assumption, for example the carpets have been retained to use as bedding for the new garden centre poly tunnels. The architect, Ged McCormack, has produced detailed schedules of material reuse and retention together with details of proposed upgrading measures.

View the Ground floor plan for buildings.

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