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Developing the role of anchor institutions

Sunderland Partnership Board brings together the city's anchor institutions from the public, private, voluntary and community sector, working collaboratively for the overall benefit of the city.

The Community Wealth Building Delivery Group is now focusing on extending the range of local employers currently considered as Anchor Institutions aiming to work with large businesses in the city.

The Sunderland Partnership Board and committed to the development of a Community Wealth Building Charter and linked with the City Plan, Anchor Institutions are part of the overall governance arrangements for community wealth building delivery across Sunderland.

The Community Wealth Building Charter focuses on:

  • Fair employment - creating fair and meaningful employment opportunities by recruiting from priority groups, paying the living wage and building progression routes for workers
  • Reduce carbon emissions - committing to becoming a net-zero carbon organisations
  • Procurement - committing to using all spend to support a diverse local business base
  • Land and asset management - committing to the productive use of land and assets to support communities and enterprises
  • Financial power - committing to harnessing and growing local wealth

Case Study

Sunderland Low Carbon Framework

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