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Smart home technology

Assistive technology is being used throughout Sunderland to manage aspects of people's care, health and wellbeing and is becoming an increasing part of everyday life because it is so accessible and easy to use.  Products like Google Alexa and Siri, smart lightbulbs and heating as well as home sensors and GPS trackers, have many benefits that can be used in additional ways to their original purpose.

If you would like to find out more about how assistive technology products can make a difference in your life and help you retain your independence, please visit the Digital Assisted and Supported Living Area in our information website.

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Using smart home technology to help you remain independent in your home

Sunderland City Council has introduced the use of assistive technology into adult social care services with the support from a new specialist team.  This team works closely with social workers and social care staff and together they have adapted their approach to how adult social care is provided in and around Sunderland. 

The introduction of assistive technology alongside traditional support equipment has given people more control over their care arrangements.  It can help them keep in touch with others, monitor their activity around the home - helping with the prevention of falls and track their movements and identify locations if they wander unsafely away from home.  This type of technology offers reassurance for the family, friends and carers involved in a person's care as well as supporting their independence and providing a better quality of life for all involved.

Assistive technology is not about replacing the human element in care, it is about understanding a persons individual needs, putting in place practical support measures that then allows a person the freedom to live at home and retain independence for as long as is safe to do so.

Testimonials and News

We have testimonials from people living in Sunderland who have a social care need and are actively using assistive technology in their homes, these describe how technology products have been a benefit to their lives.  You can also read more about the specialist team and further work about how Sunderland City Council intend to use assistive technology and digital platforms in the future via press articles accessed by the link below.

Testimonials and News

Supporting Documents

If you are currently being supported by this team to have assistive technology used in your home and you need some extra information about the process, please find supporting documents via the link below.

Supporting Documents

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