Universal Credit (UC) claims are made online.  Don't delay in making your claim - you may lose money and it takes around 5 weeks to receive your first payment

Have all the information ready to make your claim, including:

  • income 
  • savings
  • rent/ housing costs 
  • landlord details

If you need help to make an on line claim contact the UC helpline for free on 0800 328 5644(Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm).  They can:

  • In some cases complete the form on line with you
  • If you currently have limited on line skills or confidence, refer you to the councils UC Claimant Support Service for help to complete the form
  • If you need  access to equipment or wi-fi, signpost you to local services /locations 

If you need help after you have claimed and are waiting for your UC payment you can apply online for an advance Payment or ask your Work Coach or the UC helpline.

Council Tax Support - you have to make a separate claim to the council if you need help to pay your Council Tax  and you rent or own your property.

Free school meals - many low paid families in work as well as those out of work will still qualify . You can normally earn up to £7400 per year (after tax and not including any benefits you get) before your free school meals would be affected.

Find information on your local services through Sunderland Information Point.

Further useful information can be found within our desk aid (pdf) andkey messages (pdf) documents.