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Business continuity

Have you ever considered how your business would cope if you were impacted by a major disruption and had to run without your premises, your IT, your suppliers or even your staff? 

Business Continuity Management is all about planning for what might happen rather than just waiting for it to happen. Planning ahead should mean when something does happen the effects are not quite so bad.

Business Continuity Management considers the "What if?"

•          What if all of the electricity goes off?"

•         "What if I cannot get into the building?"

•         "What if all of the computers go down?"

•         "What if our main supplier goes out of business?"

•         "What if three quarters of the staff go off sick? 


You can't stop these things from happening, but you can help to protect your business by putting together a Business Continuity Plan. This is a plan which will help you:

·        To deal with an incident

•         To ensure the safety of staff

•         To reduce exposure to risks

•         To protect job and assets

•         To prevent an incident from escalating

•         To ensure that critical services can continue to be delivered

•         To safeguard your reputation



Read the Government's Business Continuity Management Toolkit

Help and Advice

We can help local businesses and organisations from the voluntary sector with general advice on business continuity planning.

For information please contact:

Jeanette Williamson

Business Continuity Lead


You can also get further information from the Business Continuity Institute.







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