Business Continuity Awareness Week - Monday 14 to Friday 18 May 2018

Be prepared for situations that could make it difficult for your business to operate.

Did you know?
One in five businesses or organisations suffers a major disruption every year

Business Continuity Planning and Management significantly increases a business or organisation's chances of survival as well as adding value to that business or organisation.

What is Business Continuity Planning and Management?
Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a continual process that helps organisations prepare for, prevent (where possible), respond to and recover from disruptions or incidents, regardless of the nature/size of the disruption, or the type of impacts they may have. The risks of disruption could be from the external environment (for example, severe weather or power cuts) or the internal environment (for example, loss of key staff or ICT/systems outage). No range of risks identified could ever be totally exhaustive as there are so many permutations of scenarios, but the range of impacts on your business or organisation will be much easier to identify as they will be more limited.

BCM is about maintaining the essential business deliverables of your business or organisation in the event of a disruption or emergency, and mitigating the impacts of that disruption on your business or organisation.  Without effective business planning, service disruption could result in:

  • A complete failure of your business or organisation
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of reputation and/or loss of customers
  • Financial, legal and regulatory penalties
  • Human Resource issues
  • An impact on insurance premiums

How Sunderland City Council can help
The promotion of Business Continuity Management is a responsibility placed on all local authorities by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. Sunderland City Council can assist the business and voluntary community by providing initial business continuity information and advice on where further assistance can be obtained. We can provide general advice, but for specific advice such as preparation and checking of plans etc, contact the Business Continuity Institute, who hold a register of approved BCM consultants.

If you would like further information, you can contact our Business Continuity & Resilience Officer on 0191 561 2754.

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