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Who makes the decisions?

A Local Action Group (LAG), is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme.  It was set up at the start of the programme in 2016 and is a community-based partnership with representatives from the voluntary and community sector, residents, local businesses and the public sector. The Accountable Body supports the LAG in discharging its responsibilities. 

In ensuring the effective delivery of the programme the LAG have:

  •  Approved the CLLD Local Strategy and implementation plan
  • Developed open and transparent criteria and processes for project applications and delivery arrangements

and continue to:

  • Identify any gaps in delivering to the strategy and develop plans to address them
  • Support and agree the publication of calls for projects
  • Assess project applications ensuring they fit within the CLLD strategy and contribution to delivering outputs and targets
  • Work with the accountable body to present proposals for approval
  • Monitor and evaluate delivery of the CLLD programme

Accountable Body arrangements

Sunderland City Council is the Accountable Body for this programme. It is responsible for ensuring sound and robust financial management and accountability for the funds, and management, monitoring and evaluation of CLLD activities and outcomes.

The Accountable Body's primary responsibilities are to:

  • Support the LAG
  • Facilitate project applications
  • Assess and approve individual projects in conjunction with the LAG
  • Award grant funding to approved projects on behalf of the LAG
  • Monitor and verify activities, expenditure and performance
  • Manage audit, risk, evaluation and project closure requirements

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