Sunderland's community led local development (CLLD) programme will provide sustainable economic benefits in areas of Sunderland that face significant challenges because of, for example, social exclusion, limited job opportunities, or low levels of employment. It aims to support activities that help to:

• Enhance employment and skills provision

• Boost enterprise and entrepreneurship

• Improve community capacity, partnership working and social innovation

CLLD provides an opportunity for developing new and maybe different ways to focus on the particular needs and circumstances in a very local area.  It brings together local communities to explore and understand the challenges and experiences that sometimes make it difficult for people to find a job or set up a new business.

CLLD encourages new ideas - new techniques, new technologies, new knowledge, new approaches - as well as apply existing successful ideas into new areas.

To do this, a Local Development Strategy has been prepared which sets out the area's economic problems and potential opportunities and what might be the best ways of tackling these at the local level. The CLLD Strategy is a 5-year programme that aims to stimulate the local economy to deliver jobs and growth, by supporting activity that addresses the local needs and opportunities. To support the CLLD programme, a Local Action Group (LAG), made up of community representatives, public, private and voluntary organisations, has been established to explore the issues, agree the best solutions and activities, and monitor the programme success.

How is CLLD funded?

Sunderland City Council and partners have secured funding from European Structural Investment Funds for the delivery of the CLLD Strategy.

In order to deliver the strategy Sunderland Local Action Group is seeking a contribution of £1.85m from the European Social Fund and £0.9m from the European Regional Development Fund.

All projects will be required to provide funding to match ERDF or ESF. Sources of this match funding may include grants from local funds and foundations, own resources (eg. in the case of businesses) and staff/volunteer time (for organisations delivering ESF funded projects).

Local Action Group

The Local Action Group (LAG) is a forum for overseeing the development and implementation of the Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme in Sunderland from now until the conclusion of programme delivery in 2022.

They are a group of community representatives, voluntary and community organisations, local businesses and public sector representatives who have come together to improve and maximise opportunities to stimulate the local economy.

The specific functions of the LAG are to:

  • Oversee and guide the development and validation of the CLLD strategy, including developing and supporting community consultation

  • Identify gaps in the strategy and develop plans to address them

  • Devise non-discriminatory and transparent processes, and criteria for design of project implementation, including avoiding conflicts of interest

  • Approve the CLLD strategy and its implementation plan.

  • Support and agree the publishing of calls for projects that support the outcomes and outputs identified within the CLLD strategy

  • Receive and assess project applications ensuring fit within the CLLD strategy and contribution to delivering outputs and targets

  • Work with the accountable body to present proposals for verification

  • Monitor and evaluate delivery of the CLLD programme.

Sunderland City Council is the Accountable Body for this programme.

The Local Action Group reviews its membership on an annual basis. If you are interested in joining the Sunderland CLLD Local Action Group, please see the attached guidance and complete the expression of interest pro-forma.

LAG member guidance note

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