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Sunderland Safeguarding Adults Board

Sunderland Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) works to keep adults safe from the risk of abuse, harm or exploitation and is committed to ensuring the welfare of adults of risk of harm and to safeguard against all forms of abuse.

  • Every individual has a right to be protected against harm and exploitation, and a right to dignity and respect
  • It is everyone's responsibility to safeguard adults at risk within our society

SSAB leads and holds to account for safeguarding adults in the city. The Board also ensures that it has a shared strategic vision that is embedded in the strategies and plans of all partners. SSAB works to ensure its operational and strategic direction is complimentary to that of the Safer Sunderland Partnership, Health and Wellbeing Board and Sunderland Safeguarding Children Partnership.

SSAB partners must therefore be active and able to influence and direct their organisations in ensuring adults are and feel safe. They should also be supported to challenge and change abusive situations and to lead and support the development and implementation of safeguarding practices and procedures within their own organisations. Partners should also take forward agreed action plans which prevent and minimise abuse, protect individuals and support the delivery of fairness to all.

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

How to report a safeguarding concern

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Sunderland Safeguarding Adults Board procedures manual (opens new window)

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