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Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme outlines the information we routinely publish.

The publication scheme:

  • Sets out the classes of information that the council publishes or intends to publish
  • Explains how the information is available
  • Tells you whether the information is provided free or whether there may be a charge

About the scheme 

The council provides a range of public information but we can't disclose every document we hold.

In some cases, we have to limit the availability of the information we publish. We apply the rules ('exemptions') about how to decide what can be published set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the principles that apply under Data Protection legislation.

This means that we only publish information that can be made available for public use. We do not:

  • Publish information where:
    • The information is about individuals (personal identifiable data)
    • The information has been provided to us in confidence
    • The information would prejudice the commercial interests of the council or any other organisation
    • The publication would endanger health and safety, or security
    • Publishing the information is prohibited by law or a Court Order, or it is information about ongoing criminal or civil proceedings
    • Publishing the information would damage the effective running of the council or other organisations. For example, this may include confidential briefings, details of ongoing negotiations and plans, policies and reports that are still being developed (although drafts may be published for public consultation)
    • The information is available by public inspection for example, public registers such as planning or licence registers. We advise you to contact the relevant service area to make inspection arrangements

In most, but not all cases, only the most recent versions of a document will be published.

Archived information

The publication scheme only holds current information unless otherwise stated.

The council has a retention policy in place to make sure we do not keep information longer than it is needed. 

Historical records

The council does not hold historical records. Requests for this information should be sent to the Tyne and Wear Archives in Newcastle:

Charges and inspection

Much of the information in the publication scheme is available free of charge. The council reserves the right to make a reasonable charge when providing hard copies, CD ROMs, multiple print outs, extensive photocopying and postage costs. In some cases an inspection of the council's information may be available instead of paying a charge.


The information supplied to you in the publication scheme or by a Freedom of Information request is protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 unless otherwise stated.

You are free to use the information supplied to you for your own purposes, including non-commercial research and news reporting, but you must have permission from the council before you re-use the information for commercial publication.

For the re-use of third party information, you will need permission from the copyright holders.


You can email suggestions about how we could improve our publication arrangements to

Classes of information

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