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Mediation services

Together North East (TNE) has been contracted, by Sunderland City Council, to provide a free Community Mediation Service to residents in the City of Sunderland.

Mediation services can help you resolve disputes you are experiencing about many issues including noise, boundaries, parking, damage to property, dogs, cats, litter, anti-social behaviour, high hedges, breakdown in communication, verbal abuse and bullying.

Mediators help all those involved look at ways of improving the situation and work out an agreement that you are all happy with. They do this by getting people to communicate better.

How it works:

  • Mediators first talk to everyone separately to hear their view of the situation
  • They then discuss the options of progressing with the case
  • Mediators help everyone to come to an agreement about the future

Why it works:

  • It's quick, informal and future focussed
  • Our mediators help people to talk about their issues and to see things from each other's perspective
  • The solutions are decided by you and not the mediators
  • Our mediators are independent and impartial - they do not take sides
  • The whole process is confidential, unless the mediators hear of any unlawful activity, risk of harm or any course of concern to a child, young person or a vulnerable adult
  • The aim is a win/win agreement for all those involved

Please fill in the Community Mediation Referral Form and send it to

To find out more about the free mediation service in Sunderland visit the first4mediation website or call 07880 710221.

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