This page contains information on the City Centre and Park Lane shopping village Controlled Parking Zones.

City Centre Controlled Parking Zone

In Sunderland city centre there is a Controlled Parking Zone within the area bound by the signs located on the access routes in to the city centre which inform motorists that they are entering the Controlled Parking Zone.

The entry signs indicate the times when single yellow line waiting restrictions within the zone are in force. In Sunderland the Controlled Parking Zone operates between Monday and Saturday between 8am and 6pm. The Controlled Parking Zone removes the need for waiting restriction signs within the zone.

Park Lane Shopping Village

This is an area within the Controlled Parking Zone which is called the Park Lane Shopping Village. The restriction which applies to this area is "No loading - At Any Time" and this is identified on the entry signs located at the entry points into the Park Lane Shopping Village. This sign indicates loading and unloading is prohibited at all times, except in a designated loading bay or parking place.