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Car parks

Information relating to Sunderland City Council operated car parks and Free after 3 from Monday to Friday offer.

City Centre Parking

The following table summarises the details and facilities of the city centre car parks:

Car ParkSpacesToiletsDisabled ParkingElectric PointsPeak Times Tariffs (per hour or part thereof)/
Daily Rate (DR)/
Monthly Permit Cost (MPC)
Pay and displayPay on foot

RingGo Location number

St Mary's multi storey*

AccessAble access guide for this car park

480      YY - (chargeable)4£1.50/
MPC £112.50

Sunniside multi-storey*

AccessAble access guide for this car park

653 Y - (chargeable)4£1.30/
DR £5.00/
MPC £75.00
Boughton Street car park*56 Y2£1.30/
MPC £112.50
Nile Street car park*49 Y2£1.20/
DR £5.00/
MPC £75.00


West Wear Street car park*40 Y0£1.00/
DR £5.00/
MPC £75.00
Charles Street car park28 Y0£1.00/
DR £5.00/
MPC £75.00
Tatham Street car park*94 Y0£1.00/
DR £5.00/
MPC £75.00
Gorse Road car park54 Y0£0.80/
DR £5.00/
MPC £75.00
High Street West car park*35 Y0£0.90/
MPC £75

Livingstone Road car park *

AccessAble access guide for this car park

157 Y4£1.30/

*These car parks have been awarded 'Safer Parking Award' status.

The Safer Parking Award aims to raise security standards within car parks and effectively reduce car related crime. To be awarded the safer parking status a stringent set of standards has to be met, including patrolling security patrols, good levels of lighting and closed circuit television.

Car parks in Sunderland are either "Pay or Display" or "Pay-on-foot" both of which are explained below.

Please note that the Civic Centre Car Park is now permanently closed.

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Seafront parking

Car ParkSpacesToiletsDisabled ParkingElectric PointsPeak Times Tariffs (per hour or part thereof)Pay and displayPay on footRingGo location number
Dykelands Road car park 92NY £70p per hour / £4 all dayYN35886

Marine Walk car park

AccessAble access guide for this car park

50 Y £60p per hour / £3 all dayYN35859

Harbour View car park

AccessAble access guide for this car park

128 2£60p per hour / £3 all dayYN35860

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Park Free after 3 from Monday to Friday

Park free in Sunderland city centre after 3pm from Monday to Friday all year, in City Council car parks and on street parking places.

The City Council and City Centre Traders Association work together to encourage more people to spend more time in the city centre. Offering people free parking at certain times is a good incentive for more people to:

  • Shop in the city centre (particularly in the early evening)
  • Enjoy its many family-friendly attractions
  • Help support traders making this a more prosperous city for all

There are over 1500 council car parking spaces in the city centre; with nearly 500 spaces at St Mary's multi-storey and more than 650 at Sunniside.

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Pay and display parking places

Pay and display bays are parking places on street, in surface and some multi-storey car parks which may be used by vehicles provided a ticket is purchased from a pay and display ticket machine.  Guidance regarding payment and the hours of operation are stated on the front of ticket machines and/or adjacent signs. The machine prints a ticket which indicates the time of purchase and the expiry time for your stay. This ticket should be displayed inside the vehicle, on the dashboard or fascia so that the expiry time on the ticket is clearly legible from the outside of the vehicle.

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Pay-on-foot car parks

The "pay-on-foot" system of parking requires the motorist to take a ticket from a machine at a barrier point on entering the car park. This ticket should then be retained by the motorist after parking the vehicle and leaving the car park. When returning to the car park the motorist should present the ticket to an automatic pay machine and pay the appropriate charge. The payment of the charge endorses the ticket which must be inserted into the machine at the barrier point at the car park exit.

There are two council operated car parks within the city centre that operate a pay on foot system: St Mary's and Sunniside car parks.

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The EV charging information is currently under review for all locations.

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