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Commercial property

Sunderland City Council publishes property information for council assets.

The 'Council assets' documents at the bottom of this page provide reports which show the following columns of data:

Columns of data which are explained

ColumnField NameExplanation
AUnique Property Reference Number 
BUnique Asset IdentityThis is the reference you should use if you have an enquiry
CName of SiteUsed where the property has a name rather than a number
DStreet Number 
EStreet Name 
GPostal Town 
I/JEasting and NorthingOrdnance Survey map coordinates
KSCC Interest - Type of TenureProvides a summary of the council's interest in the property

Format of the data

We publish the data in two formats:

The PDF makes it easier for you to read or print the data.

The CSV format allows you to analyse and sort the data in the spreadsheet software package of your choice.

License for the re-use of Public Sector Information

The data is freely reusable and Sunderland City Council grants you a non-exclusive licence to use, copy and adapt the licensed content under the Terms of the Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information.

Unless permission has been granted no content may be copied, reproduced, modified or used for any commercial purpose. Permissions for commercial use may be requested by contacting: Information Governance Team, Sunderland City Council, Burdon Road, Sunderland, SR2 7DN or A charge may be payable.

The following statement must be placed next to the licensed content when reproducing information under the Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information:

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© Sunderland City Council. This data is licensed under the Open Government Licence

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