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5 Year Housing Land Supply

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to identify and update a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide a minimum of five years' worth of housing against the housing requirement set out within their Local Plan.  

Annual Position Statement (APS)

National Planning Policy allows local authorities to confirm their five-year housing land supply through the publication of an Annual Position Statement (APS). 

The current APS was prepared in 2023 and confirms the Council's five-year housing land supply position to 31 October 2024.  A copy of the 2023 APS Report and the Inspectors report are provided below, alongside a summary document which sets out the Council's 5 Year Housing Land Supply following the Inspectors comments on the APS report.

5 Year Housing Land Supply Post Inspector Report (PDF) [480KB]

APS 2023 Inspectors report (PDF) [180KB]

Sunderland APS 2023 (PDF) [33MB]


Former Annual Position Statements 

Sunderland APS Inspector's Report - October 2022 (PDF) [201KB]

APS 2022 (PDF) [18MB]

Sunderland APS Inspector's Report - October 2021 (PDF) [225KB]

APS 2021 (PDF) [26MB]

Annual Position Statement- July 2020 (pdf) (PDF) [885KB]

Annual Position Statement- Appendix 1 (pdf) (PDF) [3MB]

Annual Position Statement- Appendix 24 & 25 (pdf) (PDF) [29MB]

Report on the Council's Annual Position Statement (APS) - Planning Inspectorate - October 2020 (pdf) (PDF) [144KB]

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