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Community volunteers

We support Friends groups and volunteers in the community who are committed to looking after the city's public space.

Potential benefits of doing voluntary work include:

  • Benefiting the environment by improving the visual quality of the surrounding area.
  • Personal satisfaction from making a difference to your neighbourhood.
  • Depending on the activity you choose, it is possible to develop new interests, knowledge and skills. Or you can use those you already have, but work with them in unfamiliar environments and contexts.
  • Meeting new people and establish new social networks.
  • Increased activity and health benefits.

We're committed to providing our volunteers with the best possible experience because we value the time that you give. To enable you to make a real difference in your neighbourhood, when you volunteer we can offer the following support:

  • Information on health and safety / Risk Assessments
  • Appropriate equipment / materials such as litter pickers, refuse bags, disposable gloves, high-visibility waistcoats, graffiti wipes etc.
  • Arrange for any rubbish collected to be removed at the end of your session subject to prior arrangement

We have many opportunities available for volunteers including:

  • Litter Picking  - Help to improve the appearance of your neighbourhood
  • Gardening / Grounds Maintenance  - Help to tend the city's green spaces
  • Graffiti Cleaning  - Help remove graffiti quickly, so it removes the incentive for people to commit this kind of vandalism in the future.

Getting involved is easy, there are many individuals and groups volunteering in the city, however, you must be over 18 years of age or supervised by an adult. We don't expect you to give a huge amount of time as a volunteer; we just hope that you can commit some regular time to make a difference to your neighbourhood.

Contact us if:

  • You would like more information
  • You would like details of existing groups in your area or would like to have your group added to our list
  • You are a school, group, business or local residents and are interested in undertaking a one-off cleansing project


Tel: 0191 561 3939

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