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 To Go Online you will need to connect to the internet by either Broadband or through Wi-Fi.

Support with broadband in your home

  • Social tariffs are reduced broadband rates offered by some companies who supply broadband directly to your home.  You can use broadband for anything you would like to use the internet for: it will enable you to send and receive emails, surf the web, stream music and movies, and more.  View Social Tariffs in Sunderland.

Support with Wi-Fi for your mobile device (e.g. tablet, mobile phone)

  • Using free Wi-Fi while out and about means you can reduce the data you use on your device.  The Galleries, Washington offer free Wi-Fi, and thanks to Sunderland City Council and Boldyn Networks residents and visitors to the city centre and Roker can Go Online for free too, see how it works. Other places that may offer customers free Wi-Fi include places where you eat and drink, shopping centres, bus companies, libraries, university, leisure centres, etc.  If you're unsure ask staff who work there.  To learn how to connect to Wi-Fi watch this short video
  • Sunderland City Council are working with Good Things Foundation to deliver National Databanks locally.  A databank is like a foodbank, but instead of supplying food it supplies free SIMs cards; helping vulnerable people get connected  to the internet. Find out how to register your organisation as a Databank or find your nearest Databank
  • Ofcom have produced a  mobile coverage checker.  Designed to help people find out about the availability of mobile services in a particular area.  See if where you live, study or work has good coverage from your provider.  This is useful if you are a lone worker and you want to check mobile coverage in an area before you visit, or if you are choosing a mobile phone provider you can check that where you live receives a signal.

Support in your community

  • There are over 60 community groups providing vital digital inclusion support across Sunderland.  Support can include drop in sessions, courses and free Wi-Fi connection.  View Digital Hubs.
  • Sunderland Libraries provide drop in services to computers and internet access.   
  • City Hall, Plater Way in Sunderland City Centre has computers and internet access available for the public to use Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm. 


NB: Links to external organizations and websites. We bear no responsibility for the actions, content, or services provided by these organisations, and the inclusion of these links does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of their products or services.

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